GOT Polish Challenge: Pink

Thursday 9 January 2014

Welcome to The Crumpet's GOT (Golden Oldie Thursday) Polish Challenge! It is a challenge designed to show some love to those older, less used polishes in our collections (ideally over a year old, but just your oldest if you haven't been blogging so long). The themes are pretty loose to allow for wide interpretations and will run each Thursday until March 27th... The day before my birthday! :)


So first up is Pink! You could go anywhere you want with that... I chose to pick out a trio of pink polishes that were all more than a year old, which wasn't too difficult, the dark pink maybe even three! Two Barry M's, one regular player & one now and thener; and then a Natural Collection polish which has been used once, once upon a time. The full spectrum right here folks! I then had a flick through my recent MoYou purchases and came across the most pretty mother nature plate which I thought complimented the warm, daydreamy feel I wanted.


Pleased with how this came out, I love the silky, shimmery formula of the Natural Collection polish. Really sheer though so a base of the pale pink was ideal. I did two coats of the pale pink, followed by one of the shimmery. I then stamped with the dark pink and finished off with another coat of the shimmer, real girly, magical feel and these MoYou plates just never cease to please!

Barry M - Strawberry Icecream, Shocking Pink, Natural Collection - Shimmer Pink, MoYou Mother Nature 02.

Check out the rest of the challenge themes and schedule below!


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MissLanage x


  1. Nice nails! I love the shimmery look, gives it so much depth.

    P.S. I was doing a similar mani for this challenge but smudged the base while stamping (didn't let the base dry long enough). It happens all the time. I'm curious, how long did you wait before stamping on it?

    1. Thanks! I'm loving the shimmer too :)

      Ahh the smudging, my eagerness to stamp has spoilt many a mani lol, I tend to leave it 20-30 mins if I have done several base layers. Would probably only wait 10 mins if it was one or two thin coats, hope that helps!

  2. That's really pretty!!! And good stamping with shocking pink! Is that your go-to pink stampink polish? I'm yet to find mine... :)

    1. Thank you! Yes this has been my go-to stamping hot pink, also recently found that the Maybelline Colorshows ALL stamp really well ;)

    2. Wow! I'm off to grab all Colourshow polishes... :D

    3. Haha! My kinda girl! I did exactly the same, they were 3 for 2 so I bought 18 in one go LOL ;)

  3. The shimmery look really gives it that little extra, love how you did this... :D

  4. I love this pattern with trees.


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