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Sunday 1 March 2015

Hello lovely people!
I've been blogging for roughly two and a half years now and I thought it was about time I take you behind the blog with a little series of posts lined up over the next few Sunday's as I approach my big ol' 30th birthday! This first one is about the blogger and I guess that would be me...

Who am I?
For any that don't know already: I'm Rebecca (nearly thirty as mentioned above), a nail blogger living in London with my lovely boyfriend and our hamster Humbug. Depression and anxiety are regular visitors haha. Up until recently I was a full time medical secretary for the NHS but now I'm lucky enough to be part-time agency staff in order to pursue my passion for all things nails! 

So why did I start blogging and why Lane's Lacquers?...
I've always been the creative type and in the summer of 2012 myself and a friend had a little love affair with nail art and it just stuck on me! I started hoarding polish and nail art supplies and then it clicked, this is the creative opportunity I've been looking for to go self-employed! I then decided I was going to start a blog to document my many manicures, my future studies and eventually my work on clients... So it was never really a blog for a blogs sake, more that it would one day be the ideal 'shop window' and website for a future business.

I chose the name Lane's Lacquers because Lane is my surname and Lacquers is what I do, but more than that I wanted it to be short and snappy; a good name for both a blog and a nail tech business, and perhaps one day my own line of polishes?!... Prior to starting the blog I didn't know others existed, let alone how massive the blogosphere and nail blogging community was... or even how much I would enjoy blogging for bloggings sake!

How have things evolved?...
From my most humble and naive of beginnings I have enjoyed a slow and steady increase in my readers across all my platforms, have been lucky enough to win a few little nail art competitions and received items to review. I've also met some lovely, supportive women who I would now consider friends or at least kindred spirits, and been happy in the company of a few nail groups! 

My stats at the moment show hundreds of followers on GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and thousands on Facebook! The blog has received over 100,000 hits and now regularly sees at least 200 hits a day with interaction improving across the board as my content has become more regular recently; I had some very haphazard months last year! I have never really put myself out there in the way of blogging communities or PR opportunities because that's not the angle I came from, so I'm pretty pleased with progress so far.

What's next for Lane's Lacquers?
Well I am also pleased to be studying my VTCT Nail Technology with a local beauty academy after much penny saving and ball growing lol - Going back to education as you're nearing thirty can be preeeeety daunting, but so worth it! I should be fully qualified and in business in the next few months which is very exciting indeed. I will be sharing more about all of that in my last post of this series!

Aside from all the VTCT stuff, I'll be getting on with regular nail art posts, swatches and the like will be continuing. There will also be more posts like this and there are some 'Not Nail Related' ideas I have in the works before hopefully, some of my pro work and my journey into the biz join the party later this year!

Any other questions? Just ask!

Next week: The Blogging Process

Rebecca x


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming qualification! I'm proud to say I've been a reader for years, and love seeing your posts and reading your honest opinions.

    And honestly, being a little jealous of your mad skills. ;-)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words lovely!!!! And thanks for hanging in there with me for so long and for all of your lovely comments! It's people like you that make it all worthwhile and put a smile on my face those blah days! :) x

  2. Lovely to get to know you a bit better with this (and future) post(s). Can't wait to see more from you. Good luck with your education and biz!


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