Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Ikat & Metallic

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Evening peeps!
It's hump day and boy does it feel it. I have had the most horrible headache and back pain for the last couple of days and it's making me super grumpy because there is so much I want to be doing! Blah! 
Nevertheless I managed to paint my nails today and I have of course combined the two themes again this week. I was much looking forward to, and dreading the ikat part of this in equal measures; I've never tried the design before and that always makes me apprehensive... But I think it was a relative success, phew!


Started with two coats of this lovely pink followed by using a small detailer brush to paint on some random aqua diamond shapes, two or three coats as needed. I then used the same little brush to paint in the small gold diamonds in the centre of the aqua ones. Once completely dry I used a black nail art pen to draw lots of little vertical lines to build up the shaggy outlines around each of those diamond shapes and finished with topcoat.

barry-m-ikat-gold-metallic-accents-nail-art (2)

There is definitely room for improvement as far as placement goes and I think I should have done more, smaller shapes on the thumb but it certainly wasn't as much of a disaster as I was expecting for a first go... Love the colour combo!

Barry M: Pink Punch, Greenberry, Gold Foil Effect, Plumpy Topcoat, Black Nail Art Pen; Small Detailer Brush

See everyone else's take on the ikat down below...

Rebecca x


  1. I've never tried an Ikat design. I love the way it looks.

    1. Thanks Cindi, I've no idea where this look even originated but I like it a lot!

  2. I love this design! And my lovelies - Barry Gellies <3 Perfect colour match :)


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