Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Mermaid & Lilac/Green

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Ok so I was going to share my nail room post today, but I realised I hadn't posted this challenge mani yet and I was soooo pleased with it I can't even tell you! That's rare for me as I'm very critical of my own nails, I think we all are our own worst critics... I hope you guys like it as much as I do?! I combined the themes and added lace, glitter and a teeny tiny pearl into the mix. I adored The Little Mermaid when I was a child, in fact I still do and after doing this nail art I might just have to give it another watch!

barry-m-disney-little-mermaid-ariel-lace-glitter-nail-art (2)

For the lilac and green nails I used three coats of each, then stamped the lace pattern in a white before popping on one coat of two different glitters - one blue-ish, one white/gold - and topcoating. Ariels face was a little more work... Started with two coats of an off white followed by two of a peachy colour to warm it up to a skin base. I then took a small detailer brush and a light brown to paint on the hair and facial details and used the same brush again to fill in with the colours. The black pupil and eyelashes were drawn on with a nail art pen. Once all that was completely dry I topcoated and placed the little pearl earring.


I really enjoyed not only the result of my efforts, but my effort itself; the process was so enjoyable with so many different bits to do, I even had to mix a red and orange to get the specific hair colour I wanted, harking back to my canvas painting days which I really must get back to sometime! Drawing this face is a prime example of when a template makes life so much easier, getting the layout decided before starting was crucial!

Barry M: Sugar Apple, Fondant, Cotton, Coconut, Nude, Mushroom, Passion Fruit, Mango, Seaside, Promenade, Plumpy Topcoat, Black Nail Art Pen. Pocket Money Polishes: Like A Virgin. Glam Polish: I Guess That's Why They Call It Sin City. Ciate: . MoYou London: Bridal 07. Detailer Brush.

Another mani where I am thankful for my large polish collection! 

Rebecca x

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