Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Stained Glass/Mosaic & Pink/Orange

Monday 23 March 2015

Oooh I'm really liking the two themes this week loves! 
I already had an idea in mind for how I was going to execute the mosaic part, but the alcohol inks came out again at the last minute I just can't get enough of them!! Adding some more colours to my collection this week hahaha... If you want to try them out you can pick them up in Hobbycraft or the like, even online. I have been asked if they stain the skin and no they don't (if removed within a few minutes), a quick lick with a nail polish remover wipe and it's gone.


To kick off I did two coats of a crisp white for the base and left to dry thoroughly. I then cut lots of inch long strips of striping tape and positioned them in a grid over the thumb and ring finger. I placed crescent vinyls at the a little way down from the cuticles and added small pieces of striping tape vertically. Once I had got the tape firmly in position I used yellow and pink alcohol inks to sponge over the taped areas, blending and adding colour as needed. I removed the tape immediately after each nail was finished and once a hand was complete, sprayed the mani with a mist of hairspray and applied topcoat.

pink-orange-mosaic-ruffian-alcohol-ink-nail-art (2)

A tip for any that try this technique, use a white striping tape to avoid the alcohol inks bleeding some of the tape colour on to your base... Learned that one the hard way haha! The colours here have me longing for warm weather, I'm urging Spring on to become Summeras soon as possible. This would be a fab holiday mani...

pink-orange-mosaic-ruffian-alcohol-ink-nail-art (3)
Barry M: Cotton, 3in1. Adirondack Alcohol Ink: Sunshine Yellow, Raspberry, Blending Solution. She Sells Sea Shells: Cresent Vinyls. Striping Tape. Makeup Sponge.

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Rebecca x

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