Mother Of Pearl Foil Manicure

Friday 13 March 2015

Happy Friday 13th!
Today also happens to be my mum's birthday - "Happy birthday mum!" - and with mother's day coming up in the UK this Sunday I thought it appropriate to dedicate a mani to my mumsy and what better than mother of pearl?! I bought this foil from GlitterArty Nails a while back now and had no idea what to expect from it but I'm pleased to report a successful experience and the resulting look is quite unusual!


I painted one coat of clear as the base for the foil, which in hindsight was a little daft because it was harder to tell when the foil glue had dried to a full clear finish on my natural nail colour, you live and learn! Once the foil glue had dried, I simply cut out a square of the foil and placed down in the centre of the nail, rubbing out from the centre to the edges with a dry cotton ball repeatedly. Once I was satisfied all the pattern had transferred I carefully lifted the plastic film and finished with topcoat.


Isn't this different??? I don't think I've seen anything like it before! I was really impressed with the quality of the image and the true mother of pearl sheen, that sort of 'oil on water' reflective thing it has going on is perfect. You could do a mani all in the light finish or all in the dark too...

Barry M: 3in1, Foil Glue, GlitterArty Nails: Mother Of Pearl Foil

I'm not sure I can say I love this look but it's growing on me! I think I'll be experimenting with this foil some more! Do you like or loathe??

Rebecca x


  1. wow, this really is unusual! very eye-catching. BTW, its's funny that U have Mothers Day in March... in PL we celebrate it in May ;)

    1. Isn't it?! Thank you :) I know, we seem to celebrate it at different times all over the world!


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