Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Kids TV & Non US Brand

Monday 9 March 2015

Hello beautiful people!
It's a yukky Monday but I have some fun nails to share with you that might just cheer you up! 
The non US brand was not the difficult part of this combined theme because I generally use the best of British Barry M for my nail art anyway, the kids tv on the other hand was a little more difficult to decide on!... After much mulling over I plumped for the Powerpuff Girls. Though not a programme I ever particularly liked watching, I did enjoy drawing them in my teens and they were ideal for transferring into nail art!


For the thumb and pinky finger I did two coats of red and then used a pink nail art pen to draw on the hearts, twice over to get clear lines. For the other fingers I started with two coats of an off white followed by a coat of a sheer peachy colour to warm it up to a better skin tone shade. Next I used a black nail art pen to draw out the hair and feature details. I filled in the different hair colours and then white in the eyes, two or three thin coats as needed with a small detailer brush. I then drew the black pupils, again with the pen, before using a dotting tool to add the white highlights and the detailer brush to add a ring of colour to the eyes. I went over my initial outlines again with the black pen and finished with topcoat.

barry-m-powerpuff-girls-cute-kawaii-cartoon-nail-art (2)

I love this mani, I really didn't think it would turn out as well as it has! The only thing I've found is that the more I look at it the more I see the mouths as noses lol... Nevertheless it definitely brightens my up my Monday and hope it does yours too!

 Barry M: Coconut, Nude, Cotton, Passion Fruit, Sky Blue, Yellow, Mango, Black, Key Lime, Dragon Fruit, Plumpy Topcoat, Black & Pink Nail Art Pens, Dotting Tool (Ebay)

I must say, I was never so pleased to have my bulging Bazza collection, I needed so many colours for this one! I could have used acrylic paints but I just prefer to use polish when I can.

Rebecca x


  1. so many Gellies in one mani! woo hoo! super cute :)

    1. Can never have to many gellies eh?! ;) Thank you x


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