Exploring with Alcohol Inks!

Thursday 12 March 2015

Fellow nail lovers, if you haven't tried alcohol inks, you need to!
I absolutely love these things!!! You can pick them up relatively cheaply in various craft stores on the high street and online and they can be used for a number of hobbies including nail art! If you missed my first post on them you can check it out HERE where there is a link to a how-to video... You'll be seeing a lot of them in a variety of combinations on the blog over the next few weeks but tonight I'm sharing pastels and some MoYou London Explorer stamping with you, inspired by this gorgeous spring weather we've been enjoying!


This started life with two coats of white followed by stamping of the explorer image in grey, being left to dry thoroughly. I then used a mix of pink, yellow and blue pastel alcohol inks on cosmetic sponge and dabbed them here and there following up with the blending solution on a sponge to um... blend hehe. Once I had the desired amount of colour built up I simply gave a quick mist of hairspray and topcoated.

pastel-alcohol-inks-moyou-london-explorer-nail-art (2)

These inks are just so versatile! You can use them alone over white or colours to create marbles, with stamping, freehand art or glitter, you can have it as the main focus of your design or fade them into the background; and if you don't like something you've done, you can practically erase it with some mixing alcohol. They can even be used with gel polish too!

pastel-alcohol-inks-moyou-london-explorer-nail-art (3)
Barry M: Cotton, Chai, Plumpy Topcoat, Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Pink Sherbert, Lemonade, Cool Blue, Blending Solution. MoYou London: Explorer 09

I can't wait to share my other alcohol inks mani's with you, they totally play to my bohohemian, kawaii lover style!! In the meantime, let me know if you've given them a go yet!

Rebecca x


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