31 Day Challenge 2015: Something You've Never Tried

Friday 30 January 2015

Eeeek! I'm in a super mood today and I'm so excited about this nail art too!
I visited with my nail school and got the ok on my work so far, got a plan of action to get everything finished and ready for exams and assessments :) The buzz that I felt at the start of the year is growing in momentum and I'm loving it!... On to the nails, which I love just as much!!!... This is a marble manicure achieved with my new favourite medium, alcohol inks!


Started with two coats of white for the base and left to dry fully. Then I placed one drop of each colour on to three different bits of sponge, and one piece of sponge was soaked in blending alcohol. I picked a piece of sponge, gently dotted on to the nail and then used the alcohol sponge to carefully blend and bleed the ink. Once I had the desired effect I fixed with a fine mist of hairspray and topcoated. You can see the video I first watched HERE though I didn't have any of the running going on in this case.

alcohol-ink-pink-purple-yellow-nail-art (2)

I just love this! As I said, it's my new favourite medium and I've struggled not to share this mani early because I did it two weeks ago hahaha! This almost looks like little blooms! The inks are so versatile and come in maaaaaany colours, I got mine from Hobbycraft and recently ordered more and some pearl mixative online from Sticky Tiger. They are not messy if applied carefully and any run off can be cleaned from the skin with the blending alcohol.

alcohol-ink-pink-purple-yellow-nail-art (3)

These can be applied with gel polish as in the video too! If you use a dark pink over a pink polish etc, the effect is equally beautiful and by manipulating the ink in deifferent ways you achieve different looks. Did I mention I love this stuff????

Barry M: Matte White, Color Club: Topcoat, Adirondack Alcohol Ink: Raspberry, Sunshine Yellow, Wild Plum, Blending Solution, Elnett: Hairspray, Makeup Sponge

Rebecca x


  1. seriously amazing .... I am not sure I dare go in a Hobbycraft tho :/

    1. Thanks so much Debbie!... I know what you mean, I spend a fortune everytime I go in there!!

  2. Omg this is so so beautiful! Totally gonna have to pick some of those up... :D

    1. Thank you so much Rachel!! Every nail addict needs some of these!!! :)

  3. So cool! When you first said alcohol inks I thought you meant the technique for using rubbing alcohol instead of acetone for the sponging! Heheh

    1. Thanks! I have never used acetone for sponging!! I think I've been missing a trick here hahaha!!! :)


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