31 Day Challenge 2015: Pink & Aqua

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Today's pink and aqua theme gave me the perfect opportunity to break two of my newer Picture Polishes out of their wrapping, such beauts, I can never get enough of PP! I am sooo in love with all the negative space colour work I've seen from some of the Japanese and Singaporean nail artists I follow and had to try it out for myself...


The good thing with negative space nail art... It's super quick because half of the art requires no polish at all hahaha! I simply taped off this almost window-like grid then did two quick coats of each colour, removed the tape and then topcoated once dry.

picture-polish-marine-flirt-negative-space-tape-mani-nail-art (2)

I can't tell you how much I lurrrrve this look, I can't wait to do more of it in more interesting patterns when my bottle of liquid latex arrives!!! I'm hoping that will address any bleeding problems that you somethimes get with the tape too :)

Picture Polish: Flirt, Marine, Color Club: Topcoat, Striping Tape

Back tomorrow with Monochromatic!

Rebecca x

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