31 Day Challenge 2015: Blobbicure

Thursday 22 January 2015

Hello loves!
Today's theme is a new one on me! I've done what I consider a blobbicure of sorts where you blob on the colours and let them blend together, but I've never tried the actual blobbicure design of large seperated blobs... I knew whatever I did the blobs needed to be in glitter! The photos let this mani down a little because the blue and purple are much more contrasting than these pictures suggest but my camera seemed to have an issue with my lighting tonight...


This is as simple as one, two three - It started with two coats of the duck-egg blue, followed by blobbing on the polish in random pebble-ish shapes with the brush from the bottle and finishing up with a nice thick topcoat.

barry-m-elderberry-fashion-icon-blobbicure-nail-art (2)

Pretty pleased with how each blob came out considering it was my first attempt. I wanted to use a thick glitter to not only maximise sparkle but also to provide a texture with the smooth raised lumps. I achieved what I wanted in that regard because they are super touchable! Just a little diasappointed with my snaps more than owt!

Barry M: Elderberry, Fashion Icon, Color Club: Topcoat

Rebecca x

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