31 Day Challenge 2015: Half & Half

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Hello loves!
Today's challenge was half and half... I'm a bit half and half myself, half seemingly normal human being and half mad lady LOL! At the moment I'm on the mad lady side, hence almost forgetting to write this post because I've had my nose deep in my polishes (not in the getting high way pahaha) prepping the remainder of the mani's in this challenge!!! I am digging today's look, my inspiration was blue pottery a favourite of mine...


This was so simple to do starting with two coats of the off-white for a base, then stamping the floral pattern in navy blue. I topcoated to protect the stamping before using a striping tape to mark off the centre ready for the two coats of blue on one side. I removed the tape whilst still wet and topcoated again once dry.

barry-m-coconut-moyou-london-navy-stamping-half-and-half-nail-art (2)

Chuffed with how this turned out, very smart for me and it really says blue pottery! This half and half look is one I've been wanting to try with stamping for ages and I can see more of it coming in the future!


Whoop, managed to get this finished before midnight! Oh the glamorous life of a blogger haha ;)

Rebecca x

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