31 Day Challenge 2015: Fire

Monday 19 January 2015

Evening folks!
I must admit that I struggled a bit with this one, I'm not a fan of the traditional 'fire' colours really and was not sure at all on the art to go with! Thankfully it did in the end just come together in my head and I went with a simple three-colour gradient and some quick freehand explosion-like lines. Despite it's simplicity I think the result is pretty striking!


Kicking off with two coats of yellow followed by sponging on orange and then red. Once dry I used a small striper nail art brush and silver polish to paint on the zig-zags in an explosion type fashion. Finished with topcoat.

barry-m-red-yellow-orange-ombre-explosion-nail-art (2)

I'm still not a fan of these colours, they just don't look good on me! But I don't mind the mani itself I guess :)

Barry M: Yellow, Mango, Passion Fruit, Silver Foil, Color Club: Topcoat, Small Striper Brush, Sponge

With any luck these nails will help keep me warm tonight because it's flipping freeeeezing, stay cosy everyone!

Rebecca x


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