31 Day Challenge 2015: Red Base

Saturday 10 January 2015

Oooh, I'm up a little late tonight! 
I've been ferreting around in the nail room, adapting it to be a more workable mani-blog-study space and have done ofa total seven manicures today! I have a hectic prepping schedule set out this week in order to get a week or so this month to solely concentrate on studying and doing case studies for my Nail Tech VTCT - I'm so 'on it' in 2015!... To the red manicure; I'm not a huge fan of red mani's and was feeling pretty uninspired but I did have the watermelon look on the to-do list and it's been there for two years haha so ta-da!


I started this with just one thick coat of ironically, blood orange. Once really, really dry I painted on a white crescent to the left side - two coats. I then did two coats of light green, adding it inside the white crescent and leaving a little white edge showing. Once that was dry I added the darker green stripes with a small brush. The accent nail took a shocking four coats of the light green to be opaque and again I added the darker green stripes with a small nail art brush. I drew on the little pips with a black nail art pen and topcoated.

barry-m-blood-orange-watermelon-freehand-nail-art (2)

Confession?... I hate this mani! LOL. I'm not surprised because I'm not keen on red anyway, and although I like the design and I've liked other peoples melon mani's... I just hate this! I also HATE watermelon, it's gross! I think the fact the light green is a little washed out is the main issue here, on the dud list!

Barry M: Blood Orange, Matte White, LE, Spring Green, Black Nail Art Pen, Color Club Topcoat, Avon Dual Tool

Thank heavens I will be back tomorrow with something prettier to share with you! Your poor eyes hahaha...

Rebecca x

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