31 Day Challenge 2015: Artwork

Sunday 18 January 2015

I'm a bit of an art of all kinds lover including graffiti and tattoo work; I occasionally put brush to canvas or pencil to paper myself... When I can't or won't do either of those things and I don't fancy doing my nails, I colour in! Not those simple designs we can all remember from childhood, but more intricate and detailed ones intended for adults. It's great relaxation and can sometimes inspire some nail art or something as in this case. Given how much I love a spot of colouring in, it's high time it made an appearance in my mani's I think!


Simple pimple to do this one! Two coats of white for the base followed by stamping the funky cartoon design in black and finishing with a matte topcoat. Done... Ready to colour in if needs be lol!

moyou-london-rebel-cartoon-illustration-matte-nail-art (2)

I just love this simple black and white illustation look, especially with the matte finish. I was super tempted to colour it all in but resisted because this mani is supposed to reflect someone elses artwork not mine, so this one's all Kerby Rosanes!


Here's the book in question if you fancy getting one for yourself, or someone else! I was so surprised how many of us 'grown ups' react positively to an empty picture book and some coloured pens LOL. I like to colour this with pencils, spending hours on colour blending...

Barry M: Matte White, Matte Topcoat, Avon: Licorice, MoYou London: Rebel 04

Rebecca x

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