31 Day Challenge 2015: 3 Shades of Green/Yellow

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Oh it's hump-day... I started it by slipping down the stairs resulting in a sore back, pulled shoulder and carpet burn down one arm, joyous... LOL! What a numpty! In other news my nails are screaming summer again, think sunshine and palm fronds with the staple in the nail artists repetoire, the waterfall mani. I never tire of them they look beautiful in so many forms and in this dreary weather these nails certainly drew some attention.


Another easy-breezy mani here starting with three coats of yellow. Next I used three green polish shades and small striper brush to add the waterfall design, alternating colours randomly to please the eye. I painted using an almost fast, flicking motion to keep things flowing. Finished with topcoat.

barry-m-yellow-green-waterfall-nail-art (2)

Luuuurve this... And it comes just as my other half gave me dates for the annual visit to our place in Spain this year :) beaut. Summer sunshine is booked!

Barry M: Yellow, Key Lime, Spring Green, Arabian, Small Striper Brush

Rebecca x


  1. Ooh! These are awesome! Love the color choice!

    1. Thanks lovely! This is actually one of my favourite mani's of the challenge!


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