31 Day Challenge 2015: Complimenting & Contrasting

Sunday 25 January 2015

This theme throws up such a wide array of possibilities that I spent an age debating what to do and changed my mind a hundred times. In the end I just threw something together in the spur of the moment and I quite like the erratic result hahaha! 


I started with my favourite grey base and then picked something to compliment... holo! Sponged one coat of that to the tips. Next I needed contrasting and one thing I love with grey is neon, so out came some pink and yellow; the easiest thing being to add some freehand chevrons to the mix. Finished with topcoat.

grey-holo-base-neon-chevron-freehand-nail-art (2)

Think this mani has a tribal feel to it which I really like and it's a not a bad mix of winter and spring colours either! I should freestyle it more often, I know I all too often overthink everything I do, including mani's!!!

Models Own: Bikini, Sun Hat, 17: Silver Holo Nail, Barry M: Chai, Color Club: Topcoat, Small Striper Brush, Sponge

Wishing you well for the week ahead!

Rebecca x


  1. The gradient is so cool! I had to double take to make sure I saw it correctly, heh!

    1. Haha! That's great! Any nails that get a double take must be a good thing, I'll keep that in mind in the future :D


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